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We don’t like “buzz”, nor do our clients. We are happy to explain who we are and what we do.

The symbol in our logo is a chart compass. An indispensable instrument for determining distance, charting the right course in combination with dealing with unpredictable elements (wind and currents) and sudden situations (crisis or failure).

This also immediately explains our logo. It means we feeling comfortable in unchartered waters.

Corporate Advisors

Professional advice and help in the implementation of concepts and ideas. It provides management with guidance and assistance in all sorts of organizational areas.

  • Provide insight
  • Providing insight into the problem
  • Optimization of business operations
  • A desirable or necessary change
  • Scenario planning
  • Project and program management

Triggered by:

  • Opportunities
  • Need/desire
  • Own initiative
  • Own control
  • Occasional activity


Doorbraken & Turnarounds - Nicodem & Company

A strategy is the guiding motive in business operations and gives hands, feet, and implementation to the mission and vision of the company.

  • Sharpening mission and vision
  • Bringing focus to achieve goals
  • Set up tools to measure progress
  • Making choices/maintaining focus
  • Realization of set goals

Triggered by:

  • Own initiative
  • Own direction
  • Recurring activity
  • Opportunities
  • Freshen up / refreshes


Turnaround is a collective name for deploying a major change to the company. From one situation to a really different situation.

  • Crisis management
  • Approach to respond to a rapidly changing market
  • Making a bad situation into a good one
  • A positive change, improvement

Triggered by:

  • External factors
  • A crisis
  • Shifting from a downturn
  • Repositioning in the market

The proof that we can do what we say is documented in the many project references, publications, client recommendations, along with a powerful, scalable team. See below our project references, publications, team, and recommendations:

Project references

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