Nicodem – What we do

We achieve breakthroughs and turnarounds

Nicodem & Company is specialised in initiating and achieving breakthroughs and turnarounds in profit organisations. As a fully independent advisor, we do support organizations in in a personal, forward looking way. 

We approach it from the boardroom

With a practical and an understandable programmatic approach, we guide and manage the design, organization and the execution of the implementation of small and large changes. Typically we are commissioned by the board or an executive director.

Energy from difficult things

We get our energy from difficult, so not impossible looking problems and issues. We will bring strategic and managerial insight, empathy and a high dose of creativity. Quickly we come to the appropriate approach, solution and durable result.

It can not be hard enough for us!

We create quick insight to make better decisions

Research, design, realization and implementation are steady carried out and performed in parallel, allowing rapid insight and result. Important to be able to make quick and right decisions: the “design & build” principle.

We have great achievement power

The combination of passion, pride and pleasure achieves a great ability and capacity to realization. In conjunction with the pragmatic approach, directional stability and broad experiences in managing programs leads to sustainable results. Design & build, Think and do!

We tear dogmas to shreds

We are not concerned with dogmas. Everything is open and is negotiable. Therefore we can be surprising and innovative. We do this because we like this, have fun in our profession. That reflects on the environment and onto the result.

The Team and the cooperation is also different. Efficiently and effectively. No busload of consultants, yes, your own employees, learning and getting involved. This saveguards the results.

Complexity Reduction

Gordian knots: complex problems and challenges are sighted on a transparent and manageable way and kneaded to matter to easily cope with. This creates overview and oversight, which eases the ordering and solving of issues.

Confidence is key

In our engagements we act smoothly with directors, supervisory board, participation and other key stakeholders, in which we have built up a long and durable track record.

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