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Time Left To End Withdrawal Agreement

Now is the time left to take operational measures and make strategic considerations before January 1, 2021, when the UK moves on without a foreign trade agreement with Europe.

The route the UK subsequently developed is clearly visible. This requires a strategic approach to map out the new competitive field and to discover new possibilities as much as possible.

Nicodem & Company has performed major research since April 2018 into the dynamics of the UK exiting out of the EU and to seek the opportunities forthcoming.

An extensive program has been developed to let you anticipate this impactful movement.

Make strategic use of the forthcoming opportunities!

The route to which the UK subsequently developed is clearly visible. This requires a strategic approach to identify the new competitive field and to discover new opportunities.

We remove all ambiguities for you.
We can be of immediate service with practical, immediately applicable advice and assistance.

Please contact us! There is work to be done!

Webinar ‘Trading beyond Brexit. Solutions on Tax, VAT and Customs’

The Holland International Distribution Council presents on September 10th 2020 at 16:00h CET: “Trading beyond Brexit. Solutions on Tax, VAT and Customs.”

This webinar will be the first out of three Brexit webinars from a logistics perspective. You can register here.

Please join us for this one hour non-recorded live event as we cover:

  • A strategic eye on the effects of Brexit;
  • A deep-dive into the Customs and VAT impact of Brexit;
  • Practical guidance on e-commerce;
  • Current challenges for EU-UK businesses;
  • Considerations for trading with non-EU countries.

There will also be a short Q&A at the end of the webinar.

This live event will be moderated by Remco Buurman, CEO of the Holland International Distribution Council (HIDC).

The line-up: Raimond Nicodem, Helmar Klink, Duy Nguyen and Jessica Yang

Transition phase & New relationship

The diagram below shows how tight the transition period is. Much more important is what the new situation after the transition phase will bring you. We can fill in the question mark for you and assist you in following the right course.

Changing playing field

Since the outcome of the October 2019 elections in the UK, there has been rapid processing and passage of decisions and necessary legislation. This in combination with the course taken by the UK gives a predictive value about the negotiations and the outcome desired for the UK.

This outcome is not necessarily in line with the desired outcome of the EU. The “Level Playing Field” pursued by the EU is less attractive for the UK. A new playing field is created and with that a new competitive field from this change.

Our Network

Nicodem & Company has easy access to the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency), the operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as with the regional economic development agencies (grouped in InvestInHolland). We are able to connect you with a broad network of business partners and government institutions to facilitate your setup or expansion in The Netherlands. 


Nicodem & Company is a member of Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC)

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