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BREXIT – Our Specialty

Don’t let Brexit surprise you even at the last minute!

After passing the European Withdrawal Act by the House of Commons on 20 December last, things are going really fast with Brexit!

We remove all ambiguities for you.
We can be of immediate service with practical, immediately applicable advice and assistance.

31 January 2020 – Brexit deadline
31 December 2020 – End of Transition period

Nicodem & Company has done major research since April 2018 into the dynamics of Brexit and how businesses struggled with it.

An extensive Brexit program has been developed to let you anticipate this impactful movement.

Please contact us! There is work to be done!

What has happened already?

1. European Withdrawal Act passed

The European Withdrawal Act has been passed third reading by a manority vote, This leaves the UK on course to exit the EU by 31 Januari 2020. The bill will now be passed to the House of Lords for further scrutiny, and will return back in the House of Commons somewhere in January. Then it needs to get Royal Assent formalize the UK’s exit on January 31, 2020.

What will be happening in January?

2. Treatment of 6 essential legislative proposals

Necessary debate on the 9, of which 6 are essential legislative proposals to be voted on and to be adopted. This must in fact be completed on or before the day of departure on 31 January 2020. This will of course not be the case, so this must be completed before the end of the transition period.

3. Negotiation of future trade agreement

This negotiation cannot begin before 31 January 2020 and must start immediately after this day of departure. This concerns the negotiation of the future trade agreement between the UK and the EU on the basis of the political declaration, to form this into a treaty, to be voted on and adopted to make the treaty valid.

4. WTO

Preparation, notification and negotiation for membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO). This can start after the legislative proposals have been adopted and the new trade treaty has been drafted. Only effective after all conditions are met.

The diagram below shows the tight transition period (assuming that an exit deal was formalized before 31 January 2020. Both the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement, the handling of the 6 essential laws, the negotiation of a trade agreement after the transition period and joining the WTO will put extreme pressure on the UK parliament.

Deal - No-Deal Analysis Brexit - Nicodem & Company
Deal – No-Deal Analysis Brexit – Nicodem & Company


The formal deadline for  the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is set on January 31, 2020 at 11:00 PM GMT.

The 4th extension
The formal deadline has been 29 March 2019 which has already been extended to April 12, May 22, 2019, October 31, 2019 and now 31 January 2020. If no deal is approved by the UK Parliament, the UK will by default be out of the EU on 31 January 2020 without a transition period in force.

If there is an approved deal, there will be a transition period until 31 December 2020, which can be extended once for 1 or 2 years.

Draft divorce agreement
The EU unanimously confirmed both the draft divorce agreement (585 pages) and the political resolution (26 pages). This happened at the special EU leaders’ summit on 25 November 2018. This has since been referred to as the “Withdrawal Agreement” or the Deal.

This deal has been defeated three times in the British Parliament by a large majority. The EU has granted deferment on several occasions to prevent the UK from falling out of the EU.

The present deal
A change to this deal has recently been agreed (alternative to the Irish backstop). This deal was concluded between Prime Minister Johnson and the EU Commission. This is now the new deal (Withdrawal Agreement) which is now before the new UK parliament.

Dutch-based businesses

N&C - Dutch based businessesNicodem & Company will provide a range of services for Dutch-based businesses looking to retain or renew their position and possible product portfolio in The Netherlands as a result of BREXIT, in order to retain smooth operations and ensure continuity of service to their client base

The types of business will range cross-industry. The people who will buy this service will be Dutch-based and looking for strategic alignment with the new market position, resulting from Brexit, repositioning of their services, and implementation support thereof.

We literally help you to analyze your supply chain, quickly identify the bottlenecks and advise you how to remove them. If necessary, we take care of the project management, so that your business operations can continue smoothly and undisturbed.

UK-based businesses

N&C - International businessesNicodem & Company will provide a range of services for UK-based businesses looking to establish a new (licensed) organization in The Netherlands as a result of BREXIT, in order to retain their smooth access to and ensure continuity of service to their EU27 client base

The types of business will range cross-industry. The people who will buy this service will be UK-based and looking for local implementation support in The Netherlands.

We literally help you with setting up your business in The Netherlands: the articles of incorporation, setting up your bank account, registration at the Chamber of Commerce, helping you to attract and contract your staff, setting up your operations, help to select your office building, office equipment, supplies, etc.

We are even able to assist you to operate the business in the startup phase.

We Are Specialized In Doing

Nicodem & Company will make sure you are prepared by actively help you to make choices.

No Clear Predefined Level Playing Field
Bexit is no clear predefined level playing field. There is no roadmap. There are no manuals, policies and procedures available to guide and support a business through the Brexit transition. Brexit is a once in a lifetime experience and opportunity.  Brexit requires expertise!

Specialized in managing unclear playfields under uncertain conditions, our Brexit Team will help you to quickly unravel the lack of clarity and eliminate chaos.

We provide you with a hands-on approach that will quickly assist you to regain the focus on your business, personnel and clients. 

What Are The Benefits To You?

  1. Access to an in-depth understanding of The Netherlands and Dutch markets.
  2. Detailed knowledge relating to the set-up of new businesses, legal requirements regarding registration, staffing issues, premises, etc.
  3. Access to and the use of a strong local Dutch network.
  4. Detailed knowledge and first-hand experience of a large Brexit related program that covers specific areas that include the system and infrastructure changes, booking models, tax implications, expert staff hire and relocation, regulatory issues, operating model design, etc.
  5. Operational management.
  6. Access to M&A-related hands-on experience.


Our Network

Nicodem & Company has easy access to the NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency), the operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, as well as with the regional economic development agencies (grouped in InvestInHolland). We are able to connect you with a broad network of business partners and government institutions to facilitate your setup or expansion in The Netherlands. 


Nicodem & Company is a member of Holland International Distribution Council (NDL/HIDC)

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