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The formal deadline of the exit of The United Kingdom from the European Union is set for March 2019.  Although there remains the possibility of a transition period that will run until December 2020, the effects of Brexit are already noticeable. A recent publication from UBS indicated that GDP has already been hit by 2.1%. The British Pound has fallen more than 15% since the Referendum results in June 2016.

In this Q4 of 2018, there is growing uncertainty with regards to the shape and format of a Brexit deal, if any is achieved. This will question whether  UK institutions and organisations can still be active without burdens in the EU27 after 29th March 2019. This uncertainty grows by the day and could well last into December 2018. …far too late to change course. An action is required immediately!

Choices have to be made by you as Executive, otherwise, the process will rule the outcome. The default is a No Deal by the end of March 2019. Waiting for a transition agreement and Brexit deal is a high-risk strategy and could result in an inability to service clients.

Nicodem & Company has invested in a comprehensive migration program to help organisations for mitigating Brexit impacts as much as possible. 

Progress To Date

To date, very little progress has been made with regards to agreeing on the terms of Britain’s’ exit from the EU

Sticking Points

Despite numerous proposals and meetings, a number of key sticking points remain:

  • The Irish border issue
  • The future rights of EU citizens
  • The payment of an exit bill
  • The jurisdiction of the ECJ

The recent Chequers agreement proposed before the summer of 2018, has, on the whole, been rejected by the EU

The Urgent Need For Agreement In October

October 2018 is set as a key date in the negotiation process. This is looking like it is at risk

Whilst an ‘in principle’ transition period (extending the effective Brexit end date to December 2020) has been confirmed as being a good idea, this will not take effect unless a draft deal can be agreed, and even then it needs to be ratified by the EU country members and parliament.


Our proposition – What is it?

UK-based organisations

Nicodem & Company will provide a range of services for UK-based organisations looking to establish a new (licensed) organisation in The Netherlands as a result of BREXIT, in order to retain their smooth access to and ensure continuity of service to their EU27 client base

The types of organisation will range cross-industry. The people who will buy this service will be London based and looking for local implementation support in The Netherlands.

Dutch-based organisations

Nicodem & Company will provide a range of services forDutch-based organisations looking to renew their position and possible product portfolio in The Netherlands as a result of BREXIT, in order to retain smooth operations and ensure continuity of service to their client base

The types of organisation will range cross-industry. The people who will buy this service will be Dutch based and looking for strategic alignment with the new market, repositioning of their services, and implementation support thereof in The Netherlands.

What are the benefits to you?

  1. Access to an in-depth understanding of The Netherlands and the space of the market
  2. Detailed knowledge relating to the set-up of new businesses, legal requirements regarding registration, staffing issues, premises, etc
  3. Access to and use of a strong local network
  4. Detailed knowledge and first-hand experience of a large Brexit related program that covers specific areas that include; system and infrastructure changes, booking models, legal and tax implications, expert staff hire and relocation, regulatory issues, operating model design, etc
  5. Access to M&A-related hands-on experience

Nicodem & Company – BREXIT Service Model

Under construction: Updated October 15th, 2018. Please visit regularly

The BREXIT Service Model is a framework of activities and propositions to gain and keep control over your BREXIT program and the unexpected issues which inevitably will come up. The full detailed layout of all activities and visible monitoring of the entire program will add comfort and will support proper decision making.

Simply, click on the respective key areas to get a short description of the designated areas. All of the areas are further fully described in the BREXIT area of this site.

Partner - NFIA

The NFIA (Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency) is an operational unit of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, The NFIA is our first port of call on new entries to the Dutch market, connecting you with a broad network of business partners, regional economic development organizations and government institutions to facilitate your international expansion.

Throughout the years, NFIA has supported thousands of companies from all over the world, including Bombardier, Cisco, Danone, Fujifilm, Huawei, LG Electronics, SABIC, RWE, and Tata Consulting Services, to successfully establish their business in the Netherlands.

N&C - Trusted Advisor

Who Can Guide Me & Run My Brexit Program? A Trusted Advisor offering, helping you accelerate your Brexit Program & stay on track.

What is it?

Nicodem & Company will provide a senior partner as a trusted advisor to you, looking to establish a Netherlands presence and help setting up your organization as a result of BREXIT.

How does it work?

A trusted advisor comprises of:

  • A dedicated senior partner of Nicodem & Company to work with you side by side;
  • Ability to serve as local spokesman, using the network in The Netherlands
  • Outline the plan, to help with shaping the initiative, highlighting the critical path, key assumptions, and critical internal and external dependencies
  • The program manages the coordination of the major activities
  • Access to key central organizations