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We will leave after completion

Our values lie in the creation of durable and sustainable breakthroughs and securing the result in the organisation. In our consultancy and execution, we firmly believe and therefore act to contribute to the learning process of the organisation and thus the securing of knowledge and experience. We create linger. By any value It is therefore clear that we leave after completing our mission.

Cooperation with the organisation

Through a unique partnership, solidarity and pragmatic work together form hands and feet given to the solutions in order to achieve results.Because people from the organisation in the right places enthusiastically deployed, synergy, stimulus, sustainability and control go hand in hand. The organisation can sail on the new course on their own.

High efficiency

Nicodem & Company delivers a high-quality results for an acceptable price. Due to the wide experience and knowledge, lack of overhead and encouraging deployment of staff from the organisation under our direction, makes our commitment both effective and efficient.