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Proactive – radar is always on

In the handling and performance of our engagements a visionary with a broad perspective is used. Continuously looking forward and looking around to meet and to be able to tackle as many influences and issues proactively.

Broad scope

Nicodem & Company looks what aspects and forces acting on the organisation, the change program and the underlying projects. It looks at what it takes to reach the goal. The field of vision is not limited to rigidly defined definitions within the assignment. We have a broad look at program and the surroundings.

Ability to keep many balls in the air

Nicodem & Company shall enter into consultation with the client if there are important issues arise that could affect the outcome. Consulting these impacts, those can then be properly addressed. We do not shrink for a broad scope and are able to “keep many balls in the air at the same time”. We will thereby continue to take the general business interests in consideration.