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Team philosophy

Achieving results with an eye for business as well as the human side, we brought our always great satisfaction, partly due to the special composition of the team.

Small core team

We work together in a “Power core team” composition. In this core team we put together a combination of your own staff and a few external people, such as a change-expert. 

We are not dragging a large standard group of our own experts and advisors with us. “Keeping it small” is our strength.

Large deployable network

Although we are keeping the core team small, we have a large, immediately deployable network behind us. Experts on like legal, corporate finance, HRM, ICT, etc. can be mobilized on request or “need be” basis.

Short reporting lines increase effectiveness

Working with a dedicated, small core team in program management, the reporting lines can stay short whilst gaining effective results. Agility and short lines are of great importance for the achievement of results.


Team formation with the rest of the organisation

We are committed to contribute to the learning process in the organisation. People in your organisation can and wil join, actively participating in the program. 

To assure and to confirm that the end result is picked up by the organisation itself, this unique collaboration of the utmost importance.

In addition to achieving the goal, secured knowledge and a firmed up organisation is ready to sail the new course on its own.

Advancing as a learning experience and as a side effect

Major change programs are excellent places to learn, to experience and discover. Your company can use this leverage effectively to boost the knowledge and expertise within the organisation to expand.

In this way your company is strengthened during the execution of the program. Nicodem & Company has substantial and practical experience and gets always very positive feedback on this topic.