Project References

The various project references for the projects and programs which are carried out by Nicodem & Company in the roles of the program director, program manager, project manager, consultant and coach for various organizations in various markets are described in this chapter. The references are grouped per market. Further information is available on request per


Initiator / co-founder

Insurance / NHS

Program Manager / Program Director

  • Administrative and operational demerger (carve-out)
  • Redirecting / cutting cost € 38 million
  • Harmonization and standardization of primary business plus integration support systems for the merger
  • Digital Interaction with the market / Interactive web
  • Focus and consolidation program
  • Outsourcing high volume printing
  • Administrative change and implementation program
  • Introduction Standard Insurance (Insurance Act)
  • Implementation of new processes and systems, back office
  • Simplify change management and deployment tools

Operational guidance

  • Head of Program Management Office

Project Manager

  • Formulate and implement strategic implementation frameworks
  • Monitoring strategic principles
  • Task Leader – Assessment/design new customer service strategy

Personal advisor/coach

  • Board Chairman
  • Program Director
  • Support Chairman of the Board
  • Board and Management Team


  • Board Presentation Multi-channel / Access
  • Design and layout service proposition
  • Review and redesign administrative change program
  • Director Customer Services
  • Determining post-merger strategy
  • Design and layout service proposition
  • Of change management style / leadership style
  • Board and Management Team Division and Commercial Division Customer Services


Logistics / Publishing

Project Manager

  • Strategic redevelopment Customer Contact Centre
  • Design, construction, and implementation Customer Contact Centre
  • Centralization of customer services, account management, and administration
  • Introducing/improving client service digital productions


  • Startup plan for establishment account management division, Major Accounts

Personal Advisor / Coach

  • Counseling/coaching General Management


Program Manager

  • Determination customer strategy from the corporate business strategy for a banking institution
  • Business planning and interior central banking customer contact organization

Project Manager

  • Operational Audit TeleBanking
  • Operational Audit Teleservices
  • Task Leader – Design, implementation, and execution of banking Customer Care Centre


  • Business Development / Board on positioning contact center

Airlines (Passage and Freight)

Program Manager

  • Implementation of international airline contact & reservations project, including loyalty programs
  • Strategy and business planning new international airline reservations
  • A merger of two international airline operations in Europe

Interim Director

  • International Airline


  • Program structure and content new (electronic) channels

Project Manager

  • Audit Process IT system (general ledgers)


Program Manager

  • Feasibility study of Scandinavian Sales / Services Division
  • Design and supervision strategy session (two-day) large energy company
  • Reassessment mission and developing new strategy Facade construction and frontage company
  • Reassessment mission and new strategy branch organization facade construction


Program Manager

  • Setup and implementation of the Customer Business Market organization
  • Development and implementation of business market
  • Strategy, design and implementation Strategic and Large Accounts

General services


  • Vision Customer Services strategy, focus points and KPI’s
  • Customer Interaction Management
  • Outsourcing order management and cash management
  • Outsourcing range order administration and logistics
  • Publishing on demand
  • Customer service process


  • Conversion and integration paper to electronic records
  • Miscellaneous Strategy projects

Chairman Steering Committee

  • Steering Committee ISO 9001

IT services

Project Manager

  • Drafting international service concept
  • Customer service and contract administration
  • Improvement logistics
  • Information Analysis and definition study Support System


  • Guidance on implementing market strategy and sales plan ICT service
  • Market strategy and sales plan
  • Visioning and market access strategy
  • Compose the market plan for the general management and sales management
  • Quality Range ISO certification


  • Transition management WMO / Interim Chairman Board of DIrectors