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  • UPG: How another initiative of St. Maarteners was thwarted (2018)
  • UPG founder resigns, Brooks takes over (2018)
  • Press release: UPG Board change after numerous attempts to help St. Maarten (2018)
  • Theme Administrative Restructuring  – Forum publication, Arnhem, December 12 (2012)
  • Conference of Health Care Reforms in the Czech Republic , Prague, March 25 (2011)
  • The Health Insurance Company of the future. Impact on the operational processes, unpredictability of staffing, quality of the process and tightening controls. Rembrandt Tower Boardroom, Amsterdam. Co-speakers Dr. Pieter Hasekamp (Director of Health Insurance Department of Health and Drs. Michiel Walsteijn (Director Oracle Care Division), February 12 (2007)
  • Mnet – Special Report (p. 22) / Raimond Nicodem / Bass Amesz / ea – The Hague: Kluwer / Ten Hagen & Stam, 2000.Customer Management: introduction, strategic necessity, customer management vision, roadmap (2000) Update 2013: The importance of the vision, the business approach and the IT pitfalls in the case of technology push is still very relevant topic (2013)
  • Customer Centric Management. Is your client “hands on” the controls soon?Radical overhaul of the customer relationship; How can an organisation with its customers rise above the competition? White paper (p. 16) / Raimond Nicodem / Bas Amesz – De Meern, KPMG ( 2001)
  • Mnet – From product to expertise – E-business without capital gains is doomed to fail. / Raimond Nicodem / Bas Amesz, The Hague – Ten Hagen & Stam (2000)
  • Ecommerce – Now the “witches cauldron” really breaks loose. E-commerce needs attention from top management. Theme interview following the opening year of the Dutch Centre of Executives and Board Members. Raimond Nicodem / Bas Amesz , Elan (2000)
  • Customer Management in the e-hype / R. Nicodem – Financial Times (2000)
  • Call Centers (p. 46) – IT Cahier publication.About the emerging and upcoming (second) generation call centers, which will be set-up from strategic and tactical objectives. Nicodem R. and F. van Baar – The Hague, Ten Hagen & Stam (1998)
  • Establishment and management of call center technology / R. Nicodem – Computer Telephony, independent practice journal about CTI (1998)
  • Shared Service Centers / R. Nicodem – Deventer, Wolters Kluwer, 1998 TAC Journal for Controlling (1998)

Business interviews

  • Is your organisation ready for multi-channeling? The difference between success and failure is already determined in the first step of the multi-channel policy. Raimond Nicodem, director of KPMG Consulting, advise to organisations to realize quite well what they are getting themselves into. Interview – Direct Marketing & Business – DM Strategy, Woerden, Beerens Business Press Ltd. (1999)


  • Several client team meetings large accounts Revenue from Service. 2003 is the year to achieve targets issued. The year of truth in the context of trying The cost is in full swing, but does not provide final relief. Revenue optimization and enlargement are important themes. How do I get more revenues from my service channel, which traditionally operated as a cost center? (2002/2003)
  • I-Vision, Cisco: Customer Self-care on the Web. How to gain more efficiency and impact by better services for customers using the web in an integrated multi-channel environment (2002)
  • The strategic value of CRM for your organisation (2001). Presentation BY – “Excite me” days. Fellow speakers Prof. Dr. Pim Fortuyn, Toon Lapoutre
  • Telecom Breakfast Meetings: Advancing your customer care strategy and operations improve your profitability significantly (2001).
  • Improving customer retention, optimizing customer care. Research and presentation to the top of the Dutch telecom operators (2001)
  • KPMG client seminar: How to build a bond with customers who never show their face? State of affairs, vision of customer approach and figures about information used by businesses (2001)
  • KPMG – Castle Seminar. Customer Management, Perspectives and dynamics. Amstelveen (1999)
  • Multi channeling in light of your Customer Service. Maarssenbroek (1999)
  • Strategic use of Electronic Commerce. Vision Forum Telecom ’98 (1998)
  • KPMG International Tax Partners Conference: Converting buy-sell distributors to commissionaire structures. Streamlining virtual companies (1998)
  • 2nd National Congress Call Centers: Call Center. Organizer and speaker (1996)
  • 5th IRR Call Center Conference: From call center to profit center: How do you manage cost and improve the efficiency of your call center (1996)
  • National Conference Call Centers: the customer service desk outside the door(1995)
  • Congress: “Call centers, a powerful tool in customer services”: Outsourcing as an option for maximized flexibility(1995)

Newspaper interviews

  • Performer of critical activities: outsourcing gets new dimension – Transport Company (1994)
  • Call centers, fulfillment and distribution – Newspaper Transportation (1994)
  • Services as an industrial process – Ten Hagen & Stam, Automation Guide (1994)

Television interviews

  • Program on Customer Relationship Management and Customer Centric Management. Television interview on RTL 5: IT’s Business, Relationship.  (2001)
  • Theme call centers. Television interview for TROS Good Business:  (1997)
  • Flexible labor. Pros and cons of posting. Television interview on AVRO’s Televizier: (1995)

Corporate in-house presentations

  • Flexibility and transparency in the market  – Impact on the organisation, House of Inspiration, Tilburg, May 16, 2014. Understanding the global developments in the market, the speed of technological developments in relation to the impact on businesses and how they deal with it (2014)
  • Dutch Centre of Executive and Board Members. Set of two interactive presentations on Electronic Commerce.“How does E-commerce affect your company” and “How to use Electronic Commerce in your company?” Task Leader, development of the presentations. Panel member during discussion (2000)
  • Nedlloyd Shipping – Shared Service Centers and Call centers. Trends and market vision. Workshop on international shipping line (1998)
  • NV Schiphol Airport, Corporate Strategy – Schiphol Virtual Community – The operationalization of strategic changes(1998)
  • KPMG seminar Finance and Internet:Internet as a front door for your new company (1997) Meaning of business operations and processes if one wants to make the Internet business
  • Telematics: State of Art, theme day Stork IPI Working Group Information Technology (1995)
  • PTT Telecom Region Den Bosch – theme day: Videoconferencing in practice, a case study (1995)
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs , National Acquisition Platform. The flexibility of labor: International Call Centers (1994)