Raimond Nicodem – Personal

Raimond Nicodem

Personal, relevant and independent approach

Raimond Nicodem, Chief Executive and Managing Partner, founder of Nicodem & Company back in 2002, brings over 30 years of international corporate knowledge and experience in senior management and executive positions.

Operated at both ends of the table in executive line- and senior advisory positions, Raimond worked in both national and international organizations.


Raimond Nicodem’s main quality is a practical setting in combination with a high conceptual level and organizational sensitivity.

Being a good translator to reality, Raimond works to get things moving and achieve results. Raimonds typically works in complex and politically charged environments and organizations. Raimond relies on his massive experience in organizational change and strategy, processes and ICT knowledge. Raimond is the man for organizations which require a market-and customer-oriented approach and corresponding change.

Experience in mind and action

Raimond can also rely on many years of extensive experience as a program manager, gained in large and complex change (optimizations, mergers, demergers, and carve-outs). These experiences are brought together in a practical, tailored approach.

The combination

Extensive expertise and experience, combined with a personal, relevant and independent approach, create trust, required to find the right course and then sail this together.

Work Experience

An overview of the broad international experience of Raimond Nicodem. Each company is presented with a brief description of the activities and responsibilities.

  1. Chief Executive of Nicodem & Company (2003-present)
  2. Chairman of the Board – Unleashed Potential Group Foundation (UPG) (2016-present)
  3. Chief Executive Officer – 365SXM Group BV (2017-present)
  4. Partner – KPMG Holding NV (1996-2003)
  5. Managing Director – Hart Services, Inc. / Software Support, Inc. – Pan European Facility Centre and Software Support services (1994-1996)
  6. Director of Finance & Operations Europe – European Headquarters, Persoft, Inc. (1990-1994)
  7. General Manager – European Support Center, Interleaf, Inc. (1988-1990)
  8. Manager Commercial Business Group – Prime Computer, Inc., Benelux Headquarters (1987-1988)
  9. Manager Business & Information Systems – European Headquarters, Prime Computer, London (1985-1987)
  10. Consultant – Prime Computer Benelux BV (1983-1985)