Raimond Nicodem

Raimond Nicodem - N&C

Raimond Nicodem, Goal-getter, Chief Executive and founder of Nicodem & Company in 2002, brings over 35 years of international knowledge and experience in senior management and executive positions. Raimond has worked in both national and international organizations on both sides of the table.

Core in non-everyday matters

Raimond’s knowledge, skills, and assignments lie in picking up non-everyday matters. Assignments which have one thing in common: hairy, difficult to handle and everyone prefers to step out and leave it because they are usually difficult to achieve as a result of high resistance.

Raimond tackles this at the core so that every problem is reduced to the essence and brought to order and solved within the playing field.


Raimond’s most important quality is a practical attitude in combination with a high conceptual level and an administrative sensitivity.

As a good translator to practice, he is used to working in complex and politically charged environments, getting things moving and thereby achieving results. He can rely on extensive experience in processes that require a market and customer-oriented approach.

Thinking & doing

Raimond can also rely on extensive and many years of experience as a program manager gained in large and complex change processes (optimizations, mergers, demergers, and carve-outs). These experiences are combined with a practical, tailor-made approach. Always looking for a solution and giving format to those solutions; that is Raimond Nicodem’s strength.

Further information

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Extensive work experience

Overview of international work experience of Raimond Nicodem. For each company a concise description is given of the activities and responsibilities:

  1. Chief Executive Nicodem & Company (2002-current)
  2. Associate Faculty – TIAS Business School (2019-current)
  3. Chairman Foundation Unleashed Potential Group (UPG) (2016-2018)
  4. Partner KPMG Holding NV (1996-2002)
  5. Managing Director Hart Services, Inc. Pan European Facility Center (1994-1996)
  6. Director Finance & Operations Europe  European Headquarters, Persoft, Inc. (1990-1994)
  7. General Manager European Support Center, Interleaf, Inc. (1988-1990)
  8. Manager Commercial Business Group Prime Computer, Inc., Head Office Benelux (1987-1988)
  9. Manager Business & Information Systems European Headquarters, Prime Computer, London (1985-1987)
  10. Consultant Prime Computer Benelux BV (1983-1985)

The combination counts

Extensive knowledge and broad experience, combined with a personal, involved and independent approach, create trust, necessary to find the right course and to sail.