Services Portfolio

Nicodem & Company provides a wide range of professional and practical services, all based on vast international and local experiences

A comprehensive list can be viewed below:

Planning / Coordination

  • Project management
  • Sparring partner/advising
  • Setting up network planning
  • Setting up activity planning
  • Monitoring progress
  • Advanced spotting of surprises/taking measures
  • Dealing with external stakeholders
  • Risk analysis


  • Select location
  • Translate company goals/aims and condition to location and building
  • Set up spatial and functional demands
  • Write down list with location criteria
  • Preselect locations
  • Visit and analyze locations (2-4 locations)
  • Report and decision procedure
  • Define and implement facilities
  • Furnish building, interior design

Setting Up Entity

  • Determine the type of legal entity
  • Set up statutes/articles of incorporation
  • Setting up a shareholder agreement (if needed)
  • Letter of intents
  • Founding legal entity
  • Define tax structure
  • Check declaration of approval with EU competition rules
  • Determine the minimum amount of start capital


  • Opening bank accounts
    • UBO
    • CRS (Common Reporting Standard)
    • FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)
  • Initial capital available
  • Setup of General Ledger
  • Determine the company’s starting date
  • Arrange temporary accounting for startup
  • Set up the initial balance sheet
  • Setting up client agreement (SLA/pricing)
  • Scan for other (future) partners (partners activity)


  • Define labor conditions
  • Define terms of employment
  • Wages and salary composition
  • Labor union negotiations (define/adopt CAO)
  • Job descriptions, authorization schemes
  • Set up an appraisal system
  • Recruiting local management
  • Schedules/resource planning
  • Negotiations temporary labor agency
  • Training local staff
  • Migration of staff

Processes / Services

  • Global processes
  • Describe Procedures
  • General information
  • Complaint handling
  • IT Services Operations
  • Financial operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Personnel and organization
  • Resources en performance
  • System support
  • Incidents control
  • Service level management
  • Procurement


  • Communication to your clients
  • Assists your communication department
  • Drafting a communication strategy
  • Revitalizing existing communication strategy
  • Professionalizing communication ways and moments, like presentations, meetings, and newsletters;
  • Strong local network in Dutch media 
  • The first-hand experience of the Dutch media, habits, do’s & don’ts
  • Ability to serve as local spokesperson

Strategy / Commercial

  • Mission Vision CSFs
  • Define product portfolio
  • Product portfolio/product development
  • Standard product requirements / SLA’s
  • Account management
  • Develop customer satisfaction goals and measurements
  • Description of performance indicators


  • Data/telephony network, servers, database, interfaces
  • Determine the required specifications
  • Systems network security
  • Identify alternate vendors
  • RFP to system integrators
  • Contract negotiation
  • Design and build/buy
  • Simultaneously train future systems support staff


  • External information
  • Forecasting
  • Set up management information (internal and external)

Competitive Analysis

  • Analyze current operational performance
  • Review vs. customer requests
  • Review vs. competition
  • Assessment operational performance