Prime Computer Benelux BV (1983-1985)


American manufacturer of super-minicomputers, Benelux Headquarters


Raimond Nicodem has been working in the field of customer support within Field Engineering as a consultant. As the first point of contact for clients, Raimond gave advice regarding software installations and optimization of business systems, as well as the (re) organization of systems.

Design and development service processes and systems

After an internal reflection and analysis on its own initiative, Raimond has designed, developed and implemented a whole new fault-handling and client management system designed, developed and built. This led to an extraordinary improvement in both the internal organization and the field.

Interest International Subsidiaries of the organization

With the successful development and implementation of service processes and systems in the organization, a growing interest from foreign subsidiaries of the organization was created. Initially this interest came from Denmark and Sweden; shortly after Canada was also in the picture, where Raimond was at the forefront of the design of a large logistics and service system. The U.S. parent company took over the service processes and developed it further for the U.S. market.