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Persoft, Inc. – European Headquarters (1990-1994)


U.S. PC to mainframe and network connectivity software manufacturer

Establish European Headquarters

After leading a site survey Raimond Nicodem has set up its European headquarters and its organisation. The European headquarters was involved in sales and marketing support to its distributors in Europe, as well as operating a technology helpdesk and European order intake.

Responsible for Finance & Operations

As Director of Finance & Operations Europe Raimond was responsible for finance, marketing, human resources, order management, automation and technical support. Raimond issued consolidated financial reporting to U.S. headquarters monthly.

Opening of two international offices

Under the leadership Raimonds two offices in Germany and England got established and opened, workforce selected and appointed. The satellite offices did operate in the areas of marketing, sales support and technical assistance. The company had a specific task to grow in the international markets.