Prime Computer European headquarters (1985-1987)


European headquarters of U.S. manufacturer of super minicomputers, London, UK.

Leadership Business & Information Systems

As Head of Business & Information Systems Group Raimond Nicodem led the Finance & Administration and Customer Services Systems divisions within the region Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Raimond for this function was requested by the U.S. parent company after the successful development and promotion of standardized service processes.

Design and development international service system

In addition to performing management tasks Raimond also had the role of project manager for the design and development of ISIS (International Service Information System). Within this project, an administrative system was developed, which aimed to integrate both financial and customer service aspects. The system was applicable and implementable within each international subsidiary. Project size approximately 60 man-years. The system subsequently underwent an ISO 9000 certification.

First three standard implementations in Europe

After the successful development Raimond led the first implementation within the British organisation, as well as the project management of the establishment in France, Germany and The Netherlands.