Hart Services Europe, Inc. / Software Support, Inc. (1994-1996)

Organisation and services

The organisation, a joint venture between an American printing company, a American telephone software support center, a Dutch bookbinder and a Dutch project and translation agency, did provide telephone technical and software support, order processing, invoicing, cash management (including foreign currency), general customer service, storage, translation and logistics services.


Raimond Nicodem as Managing Director was responsible for the organisation of the joint venture, general management and financial accountability to the American and Dutch shareholders. Chairman of the group activities. Raimond was also chairman of the General Meeting of Shareholders.


Raimond has personally taken the selection of infrastructure and telecommunications itself plus the attraction of all the staff. The company was the first in the region connected to the ISDN network 30. In contact with international prospects, Raimond acquired and advised on outsourcing and implementation business tasks and processes.

Introduction ISO 9001 qualification

Under Raimond Nicodem’s leadership the company implemented the ISO 9001 quality standard as one of the first facilities (contact) centers in Europe.