KPMG Holding NV (1996-2003)

Career course as a partner

Raimond Nicodem commenced as a senior manager at Business Unit Information Technology and Administrative Management. Rapid growth to practice leader of Strategy & Emerging Technologies practise. Appointed as Director of KPMG Consulting and joined as a partner of KPMG Holding NV.

Establish advisory

Continued in setting up  Customer Management practise (strategic advice on the design and layout of the customer feature large companies). Focus areas: design and development of primary (client) processes (service, marketing and sales), multi-channel strategy, contact centers and account management. Solution Leader for European Customer Management professional practice.

Secondary roles

Chairman of KPMG Centralization Group. Member of Steering Committee on Innovation KPMG Holding NV. President of integrated sales KPMG Consulting for large, multidisciplinary projects. Member of international account teams KLM, UPC, TPG Post, ABN AMRO Bank and ING Group. Following the acquisition of KPMG Consulting ATOS Origin in August 2002 Managing Director at Atos KPMG Consulting.