Testimonials from clients, project staff, participation, etc.


Testimonials and reference sheets

From clients, project staff, participation etc., to spread the word about the programs, projects, etc. which have been performed by Raimond Nicodem. 

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Prof. Dr. Wessel Ganzevoort, CEO, KPMG Consulting

Raimond is a reliable and dedicated professional.

He wants to learn and he shares his knowledge and experience with others. 

Raimond has both specific expertise as a management consultant and a broad vision.

Ir. Boudewijn Dessing, Chairman of the Board Univé VGZ IZA Trias

Bouidewijn Dessing - CEO VGZ IZA Trias

He is the man who brings the right tension and builds the desired pressure to get results…

Health insurer VGZ IZA Trias underwent a change to which can be counted as one of the most significant in the
Dutch insurance world. With the implementation of Oracle Open Care, a large number of business processes where redesigned and reorganized.

The new basic insurance was coming and the operations of insurers were closely followed throughout the Netherlands. Outside the eyes of many, but no less important is the role of the external consultant.

Boudewijn Dessing, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the VGZ-IZA Group about Senior Advisor Raimond Nicodem:

Advisor and program manager brings the right tension and pressure

After a turbulent year with the arrival of a new Health Insurance legislation, the dust was slowly settling in the world of health insurance. The introduction of the so-called Basic insurance held many minds heavily occupied in the Netherlands. For insurers, it was all hands on deck to have the new policies and operations ready for January 1, 2006.

VGZ ran that operation in conjunction with an operation which was at least as massive: the introduction of a completely new design of the administrative systems and supporting ICT.

A complex process under severe time pressure, which got the right impulses and triggers thanks to the introduction of Raimond Nicodem, the external senior advisor, and program manager. VGZ CEO Boudewijn Dessing can look back on successful implementation.

Frans Elberse, Manager Sales, Oracle Netherlands

Raimond is a skilled program/project manager. He has a strong focus on creating conditions for a successful collaboration between all involved parties (e.g. customer and suppliers) as the foundation for achieving customer success.

He effectively delegates responsibility for achieving results and creates an environment where everyone can take his responsibility.

Failure is not an option. If necessary, facing serious setbacks or challenges, he is capable of creating the conditions to overcome and deliver results.

He builds strong relationships with key stakeholders and is widely seen as a trusted adviser for senior management.

Bert Boot, Senior Project Manager, Atos Origin

I know Raimond learning as a passionate and inspiring change manager. 

His thorough approach, effective networking, and strong communication were key factors in the complex and time-critical implementation of the new health care system at a large health insurer.

Ir. Bart Slager, KLM Euro Telenet Services

Raimond is a well respected managing director who achieved great results in a short timeframe. His organisational and interpersonal sensitivity are outstanding.

He worked well together with members of the Board of Directors as well as with technicians and call center employees.

I can recommend him wholehartedly as managing director ad interim.

Taco Nieuwenhuijsen, Marketing Director KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

I perceived Raimond as a professional manager able to oversee the situation in a relatively short time span and ability to either provide the right recommendations or to act accordingly.

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.

Drs. Leo van den Hoek, partner, KPMG

Leo van den Hoek - KPMG

As a fellow partner at KPMG, I have worked with Raimond Nicodem years, both within KPMG and with customers. I know Raimond as an excellent consultant with great skill and commitment to its customers. He is results-oriented and focuses on the customer and the issues at play here. His advisors like working for him.

Paul Doop, Vice President, Priority Telecom

Paul Doop, Vice President, Priority Telecom

Raimond was heading a team of consultants who were helping set up a new division within a Telecom Operator. He always went for the highest possible goals and challenged me through the process asking the best of me and my team. 

As a business partner, he is reliable and knows how to get the job done.

Drs. Hans Houmes, Partner, KPMG Management Consulting

Excellent professional, providing valuable feedback to clients and colleagues. Hard worker, is driven to achieve results for and with his clients, but also ´easy going´.

Through this attitude, able to address the key issues that are relevant for achieving results in an honest manner. Therefore good change manager, combined with good content knowledge.

Britt Kauffman, Chief Financial Officer, Hart Graphics, Inc.

I worked with Raimond at Hart Services Europe.

Raimond was the manager of the joint venture between Hart Graphics, and it’s Netherlands’ partners.

I found Raimond to be very effective and a good manager. He recognized what needed to be done to grow the business.

He communicated well with the joint venture directors and was very clear in presenting the status of the Joint Venture.

Bryce Boothby Jr, Supervisory Board Member, Hart Services, Inc.

Raimond was recruited into Hart Services Europe BV. when it required a full-time, in-region Managing Director with a pan-European perspective.

Although a subsidiary of a successful U.S. based, privately held company, HSE was its first international operation. It was essential to have the right talent for managing the venture.

We found in Raimond a well rounded and seasoned executive who earned our trust and confidence through his general management skills and performance navigating the business through its early years.

Barry Newton, EMEA Business Systems Manager, Prime Computer

Raimond was a very able and dedicated member of the team with strong technical and business skills.

Boe Horton, MBA, Business Development Manager, Benelux, United Kingdom and Ireland, Persoft, Inc.

Raimond is a people-oriented executive who demonstrates high ethical and quality standards in all of his work.

Raimond brings a diverse set of skills and experience for any business that is looking to expand and grow. He was able to balance both the strategic and operational aspects in his role at Persoft, Inc.

He was well regarded by his colleagues, business partners, our distributors, and the customers that he interacted with.

I appreciated the support and guidance that Raimond provided during the time we worked together. Raimond was also an excellent ambassador for Dutch culture and customs. I learned a lot from him and ultimately it helped me to be more successful in the market and more comfortable when I lived in Holland.

Dr. Vincent Kouwenhoven, PhD, Director, Nolan, Norton & Co

Vincent Kouwenhoven | Testimonial Raimond Nicodem

Raimond is a tremendous manager/team player, managing large and complex programs. Combining communication skills on board-level with a thorough understanding on workers-level, particularly in international environments.

Sophie Laporte – Stevens, Business Development Manager Benelux Region, Persoft, Inc.

Sophie Laporte - Stevens

When I joined Persoft, the European Headquarters was just being set up.

As well as setting up financially and administratively the new Headquarters, Raimond designed the databases that we then worked with. Raimond is very organized and does things methodically. Always forward-looking, he deals with difficult problems in a positive step by step approach.

He is efficient and not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get things done. In other words, he would not hesitate to take screwdriver and drill, crawl under the desk and fix that annoying plug or that stubborn printer! Therefore, things were smoothly working and I could concentrate on my own task.

Finally, Raimond was always ready for any joke. All of my ex-colleagues can remember the fun and pleasure we had working for Persoft.

Mr. Paul Engelsman, JD, RCF, Counter Fraud Officer, IZA

As part of my activities within the representative advisory board/works council, I have had the pleasure to deal with Raimond in various meetings.

While frequent Raimond has made in that submission impressions by his direct manner of communication and openness in the information exchange. 

As a result, the participation counsel in areas where Raimond was involved, could carry out their duties in a careful manner

Paul Gevers, Director HRM, Health Insurer UVIT

Raimond is a reliable and creative worker. It is a pleasure to work with Raimond. His duly manner of approach and actions along with his effective network made it possible to have a complex and time-critical program put in place and turn in a result. He is able to transform concepts into reality and to motivate people for their job.

Petra Fleurbaaij, Quality Assurance Officer, UVIT

Raimond is a go-getter and a retainer, but also someone who is in political processes in his ground state. He is powerful feature alongside integrity that he continues to play the ball and not the man. In his role as Program Manager, he knows the right people to gather to strengthen him and he in turn puts the strength around to the people and the organisation.

Thus, synergy and gives energy in sometimes complex and difficult environments. In times of change management as it brings the organisation what it needs with the motto: “growing hurts or growing pain”

Drs. Bart van Eyck, Managing Partner VECIM

I have worked with for over 4 years Raimond in different settings. 

He is a professional program manager with the talent to implement strategic ICT applications during organizational changes. I appreciated working with him.

Ir. Rini Verhagen, Head of Internal Audit, Corperation VGZ ua

Raimond knows what has to be done. He never stops to achieve the goals and is very creative to handle obstacles. But most important for him are the people he is dealing with, his “workers” and his clients. 

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.

Meindert Munnik MBA, Owner, Munnik-Swartz Holding

Raimond is a business-oriented program manager who has excellent ability to switch between the various levels in an organization. 

He knows how to untangle seemingly Gordian knots and placing it in the right business perspective, which actually results are achieved.

Drs. Martin Bontje, Board Member, Unive-VGZ-IZA-Trias

Raimond managed an organization-wide efficiency program. And he did this very successfully.

Andre Oremus, Partner, KPMG Consulting

I learned to know Raimond as a dedicated senior manager with a clear view on what needs to be achieved. He knows how to motivate large teams in complex environments and how to obtain the required results. Creative To Overcome obstacles. Well respected by his clients as well by the professionals he is leading.

Prof. Dr. Emile Curfs, Chairman of the Board CoE VGZ UVIT

Raimond was an excellent program manager at Health Insurer VGZ. He successfully enabled a very difficult program with many stakeholders.

Success demands a high degree of persuasiveness. “He has quickly and emphatically stated …” (read more, download PDF )

Martin Houben, Paul Engelsman, Chairman and Vice-Chairman Workscounsil

Consultant and OR forms strong tandem. “Bringing troublesome cases to a successful conclusion, before …” (read more, download PDF )

Ir. Marcel Bos, Vice President Consulting EMEA, Oracle

Consultant bridges the gap between technology and user. 


“When difficult decisions he has a good sense of what people can contribute to a solution …” (read more, download PDF )

Drs. Michiel Walsteijn, Executive Director of Healthcare Division, Oracle Netherlands

Common interest should serve a project the best. “The acceptance of ideas which he reached, made …” (read more, download PDF )

Peter Wijsman, Project Director Consulting, Oracle Netherlands

External advisor and implementation coach. “He has the talent to quickly different …” (read more, download PDF )

Mr. C.A. Brooks, MLF – Chairmain of the Board UPG Foundation
Mr. C.A. Brooks, Master Legal & Finance – Chairman of the Board UPG Foundation

A few years ago I met Raimond Nicodem at a Project Management workshop. I was in the process of rounding off my university study of law and was looking for ways to use my new found knowledge to give back to the island I came from, Sint Maarten. However, I did not want to do small activities. I wanted to do major activities that will give Sint Maarteners abroad incentive to return to Sint Maarten and help rebuild their island.

During the last 2 years, Raimond took time out to mentor and coach me in how to do this. He analyzed the issues that I was and would be dealing with.

I’ll summarize his actions as follow:

When I met him, I did not know how to approach things in order to give back to the island of Sint Maarten.

  • He turned an idea of mine into an officially registered foundation by the Chamber of Commerce
    (KvK) called the Unleashed Potential Group Foundation (www.upg.one / www.unleashedpotentialgroup.com);
  • Raimond created a website based on his analysis so were to be able to reach a greater audience;
  • He built a team that believes in the vision of the foundation;
  • Personally built relationships with all of the important shareholders of the island of Sint Maarten
    on behalf of UPG. This includes but is not limited to, members of Parliament, Ministers and the
    local press;
  • Made himself fully available for 2 years for coaching and mentoring;
  • He then handed over the foundation, with all the resources and network of shareholders,
    to me so that I can continue the work;

And he did this voluntarily, for free. Because he found it was the right thing to do.

So if you want to get something done he will show you how to get it done. He will bring a practical solution based on the situation that you as a company or individual is dealing with.