Vision on the market

New developments put pressure on the organization – Transparency is key

As a result of external integration, digitization, robotization, changed legislation and norms and values, many new opportunities are arising in the marketing of products and services in recent years. The ‘technical’ possibilities for operating transparently have increased. All this puts a challenging pressure on the organizational aspects. It also creates higher demands on the important relationship between customer and organization. In this, change has become a constant and thus forms a complex whole of developments to be managed.

Customer, market, and employees want to know where they stand

Non-transparent organizations are increasingly “burdened” bypassing or running customers. With the current means, it is easy to see which value is available for how much means. Organizations which services and products cost more than their competitors and where the added value is not clear are having a hard time. In the tightening labor market, retaining quality staff and attracting potential employees is also of great importance.

Vision on the engagement

Always customized

Every organization has its own culture, dynamics, and problems. We therefore always use a specific flight path. Our strength in terms of approach is in this customization and empathy in the organization. Customization is of course supported by general and generic principles.

Descend to the core

Within our approach and execution, we always look at underlying aspects, problems, and challenges. A proper foundation for the change and a sustainable solution is important for reaching a supported end result.

Crisply visualized

Thick reports and lots of text are usually scaring off and do not prove effective. Working with concise text, images, and overviews are the way for us to give all stakeholders a good insight into problems, progress, and results. Literally making clear what is going on. This releases energy and creativity in the organization.

Vision on client

Correct match: Courage and decisiveness are important

We must match the client and the client must suit us. As a result of the type of assignment, contradictions in interests within the organization, tensions, and escalations are more the rule than the exception. This means that a good relationship with our clients is essential for success.

Our client has sufficient courage, confidence, and commitment to achieve results. As a rule, we receive orders from senior managerial roles in the organization, such as members of the Board of Management, Board of Directors, or Supervisory Board.

Vision on the approach

Field of work often unclear

In practice, a question, problem, or challenge often has underlying and sometimes not yet visible aspects. We can deal with the lack of a direct, tightly defined assignment description. In a later stage, it can then be put together with the client.

Think and do

Because we are providing advice at both the strategic and operational level and also carry out the actual implementation of programs, projects, and/or subprojects, we actively guide the desired movement or change and let it lead to results. Management and program management are therefore important core values in the export to achieve results. This is our specialty.

Empathy and sensitivity

We distinguish ourselves in our approach because we are able to quickly empathize with the prevailing problems and are not limited in which markets we operate. We are able to switch at all levels and are sensitive to relationships and obstacles that stand in the way of results and innovation.

Spider in the web between stakeholders

We have a sustainable track record in the flexible handling of frictions in the company: tensions in the management layer, tensions between the layers of government or stubbornness in the dialogue with the employee participation and works councils as a result of the imminent changes. We are able to act as a trusted spider on the web between the director, employees, employee participation, works councils, and other important stakeholders.