The Mess Further Intensifies

The mess further intensifies. Parliament has been prorogued by the Queens. The UK Court rules this decision completely valid, the Scottish Court of Appeal rules it invalid, but without consequences, and now the UK Supreme Court rules this decision unanimously invalid and null, which brings now even the Queen in a politically awkward position: something the Queen tries to avoid at all times.

Now, do not forget these things, strangely enough, have anything to do with Brexit or its outcome: it is illustrative to the total chaos the UK political system has drifted into; a system which has been praised for centuries for its stability and sustainability.

This is all is much, much worse than Brexit as a whole and it now erupts. In fact, Brexit is a visible and tangible outcome of this all. Brexit is certainly not the cause. This mess is not having any effect on the Brexit outcome. Simply, because there is no alternative plan available. Nothing can survive the scrutiny and will lack the general concent necessary to pass this into something sensible.

Be prepared!


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